Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Jesus.  I guess I could call insurance to find out if we still have insurance.

Sasha has had a few better days.  I quit giving her B2 because I quit having the energy to make it during the hell month that has been February.  It's always nice when things work out like that.

If we don't have insurance anymore I'll have to take up paying it for a while, because not having it is not an option.  I have a teensy bit of savings left.

It seems like the combination of adding Depakote, working out my shoulders, and icing has aided if not the cessation of migraine, at least slowing the rate of it.  Meditation and ice alone didn't do it.  I'm not sure how long before I can successfully get off the Depakote, maybe I'll try again after another couple of stable weeks?  The continued weight gain from my previous med has only been compounded.  I would rather more hair fell out, I have plenty to spare.  But I would take bald and fat if it meant no more migraine.  Gah, I would love to be bald, fat, and awesome!  Unfortunately for now, I shall remain plumper, hairy, and just less migrainous.

Uuuuuuuh, hair.  Everything is complicated by cessation of income due to steven's gambling and debt.  He's a retired veteran, he has a job, and he's in so much debt from who knows what and gambling AND he refuses to go to rehab, that he's sleeping in his car somewhere and refuses to communicate with me.  And of course there's no money.  Jesus Christ.  He's like one step forward, 20 steps back.  Last I heard he was looking for a second job.

Emily had a pretty good day today.  She was wiped out yesterday.

The good news is I have a LOT of guitars that I don't play.  One I would never sell, maybe two or even three.  But I have a lot more than that, and they can all go.

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