Saturday, May 31, 2014


Omg, May, May, go away!
Come again some other year...

But really, there have been some serious triumphs today.  And by today I mean yesterday. (pre-2AM)

1.  I killed a cold sore in a few hours with essential oils. HOURS.  I could write a whole blog just about that.  Message me.  It involves doTerra Melaleuca oil.

2.  Sasha said it was a good day.  This despite going on a week of migraine, and a double earache.  Yes I AM hitting the essential oils a lot harder.  Please see #1.

3.  I ate a whole burrito bowl of Chipotle for dinner.  Granted there were no beans, they forgot the quac, and Mom agreed that they skimped us all on the portions, but this is HUGE for me lately, and possibly ever.  See #4.

4.  If you read Irrelevant Tea, you may or may not have understood that Topamax can make you lose weight. [raises hand]  Beloved Neurologist wasn't going to let me lower my dosage at my last meeting.  I mean appointment.  It's so funny, when you re-word a proposal and threaten to do something stupid, with no fanfare, how much more keen a simple thing like 100mg a day becomes.  But, we did have a shitload of stuff to cover, (we always have so much to talk about) the kids were there, I was getting injected with Botulinum type A, and we're still catching up from my year-long sabbatical.  Lol, "sabbatical".  So I didn't make a very good case at the time.  Either way, problem solved!  And as I had already started, it feels like I am already getting my brain and my stomach back, just a little.  I mean, I'm still nauseated MOST of the time, just not ALL of the time.  Actually, maybe I can downgrade it to just Much of the time...2 more days and I'm dropping another 100mg.  Eff.  That.  Mess.  Because, if it were preventing any migraine whatsoever, that would be one thing...

Play that triumphant music!!!  And the "huzzah" grows weaker as my head slowly tilts to the side.  I forgot a triumph, perhaps because it has a mirror twin called "nevermind".  I took no rescue meds today, but as it is now 2:22AM, I strongly suspect I will take some tomorrow.  This would put May at 19 migraine days, tying December for 2nd place as Most Migraines Ever since I started keeping track about 4 years ago.  Oooooh, but what if I don't...and...what if Sasha feels better tomorrow?  What if for a day, life wasn't a horrendous battle?  *giggle*  I kid. (;  We'll take it either way.  But it's fun to make up stories once in a while.

Anyway more good news.  I'm hungry.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Irrelevant Tea

I dream of drinking tea again
I do know it will happen when
I have the energy to make
The trip from lip to cup and take
A sip, repeatedly in fact
Until the last drop's un-intact
And rested happily inside
my belly with its friends (and died).

I wonder if I'll be able to compose silly poems at the drop of a hat when I'm on less Topamax, or when I ever get off of it completely.  I know that was one of the side effects, that and inventing words.  That poem took maybe 60 seconds to compose.  I asked at my last appointment if we could lower the dosage but Beloved Neurologist wanted to wait until my next round of Botulism.  I'm not sure I'm going to make it.

I seriously just spent like, 20-30 minutes reading Honest Toddler stuff on fb.  It's hilarious, especially if you've ever had prolonged contact with a "spirited" toddler.  When I'm not researching my face off, I sometimes read funny things.  Man, I can literally feel sentences becoming harder to from.  Hehe..."form", not "from".  Making good sentences verbally is also a side effect, and I declare that writing and typing also are difficulte and what I menat to say what that speaking clearly and coherently becomes more difficult. *typos left in for emphasis*  **I did not add extra typos on puprose**

Um, what I meant was probably something along the lines of:
Blog Post
Not much is new
I like watching Giants Baseball
It's not the end of June yet so I'm still on schedule to feel better by the end of June.
Need to gain weight, Topamax not helping

I'll probably survive maxed out on Topamax, so long as I stop being in a constant state of migraine and make food and eat it.  Mmmmmmake food and eat it...