Friday, January 19, 2018

Oh you know. The freakshow.

Jesus ******* Christ.
I did not kick the girls' dad out of the garage.
Sasha is not going to be hospitalized this next week.
We are not upping Emily's meds yet because thankfully she has stopped being nauseated every day and has stopped projectile vomiting every few days.

The girls' dad, after six months, finally procured dental insurance for the girls and me.  He is a retired Navy vet, and he has a full-time-plus job.  There is no reason why we should have had to pay for my last appointment out of pocket, and had to cancel the girls' last appointment.  He is a lazy bastard who I had to threaten to kick out of the garage before he would get dental insurance.

He also called a clinical Psychologist today.  Again, because I threatened to kick him out if he didn't. If that motherfucker doesn't learn how to not be a lazy bastard, I will still kick him out.

Speaking of insurance, our medical changed carriers this year.  There is apparently mass confusion and mayhem occurring.  I don't know if/when Sasha's DHE will get approved but it hasn't happened yet.  If/when it does we'll have 30 days to pull the trigger, maybe 60.  The UCSF scheduler also just changed, so confusion at both ends is not ideal.  Thankfully, Sasha has taken an upturn and cared for Emily this morning because...

Emily has a cold and I was up all night for no apparent reason.  Thanks brain!  Em had a couple good days and then started coughing today, no doubt due to our recent visit to the GPs office.  We had to follow up there since her recent nausea/vomiting game did not include pain and was therefore not obviously migraine, meaning other things had to be ruled out.  The cold is just a bonus and I pray it's not the great Flupocalypse of 2018.  If/when Emily's persistent nausea and regular vomiting return, we know which med to increase, and we will make the trek to UCSF.  So we have a plan.

And now maybe that I've written it all out, I will sleep tonight.  Gah, last night was horrible.  I didn't go to sleep until past 4AM, it was bonkers.  But as of today there is a lot more settled that was unknown yesterday.  I think this bodes well for sleep.  I even changed my pillowcases because the pestilent child laid down in my bed today, which should lend more peace of mind to my cause.  In bonus good news, I'm getting better at the Rubik's cube.  Oh beautiful, orderly, six-sided wonderful, three dimensional wonder.  *weeping at the beauty of it*  (I'm fine, really) [sitting in bed, rocking, twisting cube back and forth just to hear the sound it makes]

Oh wait!!  One of the ladies at the pharmacy asked me if I cut my hair, which was awesome because I had a had on that covers my entire head.  I mean, it probably signifies that I'm there too often, or have been over the years.  Anyway I showed here the purple mohawk that lay hidden underneath and it felt like show-and-tell, it was fun.  I'm pretty sure she just though it was super weird, but that's ok because I LOVE IT.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy New Year! [Vomitfest 2018]

The new year has officially been rung in!  The family throne is christened like never before.  No, seriously, I've never cleaned up this much vomit in a two hour timespan.  First Sasha threw up everything (we thought), then Emily threw up EVERYTHING, then Sasha finished throwing up what I can only assume was yesterday's breakfast. 

I've had to adjust the vomit pay scale.  It's no longer just a dollar for making all the puke land in the pot.  You know, inflation, the kids are older, etc..   So, Sasha gets two dollars for getting it all in the toilet, and backsplash doesn't count of course.  Emily gets paid for just not puking in the room at all.  Now, I have a cousin who thinks I'm just being gross, but my mom and sister can attest to the fact that our hallway is so small, and the forces so violent that puke goes up the walls and into the nooks and crannies.  But I will take that any day over every single piece of bedding, for we have a laminate wood floor.

*sigh*  The timing was interesting, I was just reading up on what admitting and discharge is going to be like for Sasha in a couple weeks at UCSF.  She's going to do DHE infusions like I did a couple years ago, in hopes that the nightmare of having her in the hospital for 5 days and braving corntamination and misery will be lesser than the current migrainous nightmare of our existence.  Sasha had gotten out of bed to puke already so were doing our typical recon from that.  Then came puke typhoon Em, flying down the hallway...

Now, Emily has had two full-body heaving pukes in the past four days.  She hasn't had abdominal pain in months, I'm not even sure how many at this point, it would take a bit of digging.  Kids who present with abdominal migraine typically grow out of those, but grow into classical migraine.  I don't know if that's what's going on with her, because she isn't experiencing head or abdominal pain, but something is going on.  I was hoping for time before classic migraine hit, if at all...more neurology...more neurology.

It should of course be noted that my brother and sister have both been here for a week from different states, packing up the things we don't need immediately as we search for bigger digs in town.  This hasn't required a lot of extra work on the kids' part, but things have been moving and shaking all around them.  Also we just had our first big storm of the season which could certainly be a factor.  Still...hell of a night.

Admittedly, we had fun watching a Netflix show the girls have gotten us sucked into, H2O Just Add Water, about these teenager girls who turn into mermaids when they get wet at all.  I do prefer the kids are in bed before 11:30, but if they sleep the rest of the night, I'll be stoked.  If I sleep the rest of the night I'll be stoked.  It's been a hell of a year for me, with with way more migraine med days than not.  Jesus.

Well, the puke laundry is fermenting, lest we anger the washing machine gods with an uneven load while everyone's asleep.  Thankfully it's a small load, and shouldn't smell too badly by morning.  I've got a lot of freeze drying and planning to do for UCSF week, and I may need to harass the neurologist about my other daughter.  School will happen or it won't, but the girls tend to get educated, I'm still not sure how.  2018 is plastered to us, hard.  Hm.  May God have mercy.