Monday, April 8, 2019

Stasis Horribilis

Soooooo, I still have no income.  I have a court date[massive energy suck] and continuing expenses that my ever blessed mom is covering, but it is not sustainable.  We continue to do what Social Security tells us to do to get approved for disability, what Child Services tells us to do for child support, and we occasionally dog sit.  We will be no doubt fighting insurance for the next step in treating Sasha's migraines, and I am unable to wean off my expensive preventatives due to I DON'T KNOW STRESS MAYBE?!  I still have at best a week in between menstrual cycles for no apparent reason and yes, I did get a tests done just in case.  So hallelujah, it's not cancer!  I did have a boyfriend for a minute, a wonderful and magical creature. Alas, I did not even have the energy to maintain that relationship.  I highly recommend him tho, he is fabulous. <3

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to vote for universal healthcare.  We would be taken care of.

God, some poor dog is howling like its heart is being torn out, it's insane.  I have never heard sounds like that in real life, I wonder what the hell is going on?

I have managed to go one day in April sans migraine rescue meds and I'd love to go two, but I actually took the dogs for a little bike ride around the neighborhood today and made the girls do math, so it's anyone's guess.  I continue brush lettering exercises and #RageBrushing to keep my sanity even when my energy is nearly non existent, and watching Queer Eye is giving me as much life as anything right now.

I feel like I'm at some horrible camp, where the only goal is survival and there are no rules.  It's no way to live, focusing on an imaginary end game. Hm.  Clearly I need to watch more QE.  Thank goodness that poor dog stopped yowling.