Wednesday, March 1, 2017


On a scale of one to five, one being clear spit and five being redecorating, most of Sasha's puke is in the two and a half to three range.  It took me a while to figure out a workable scale, toying first with one to ten, and then one to seven.  It needed a middle number for starters so ten was out, and a seven scale is too difficult to hold in my head.  And even tho a five scale with halves could sort of be simplified by using a ten scale, the former seems to capture the nuance of vomit better.  So there's a sentence I never imagined writing.

I'm confident we're becoming better neurological patients.  This probably has to do with homeschooling honestly, that and just time spent in a neurologist's office, and knowing what kind of info is useful to them.  But teaching two different minds, two different level of math, plus tracking all the food and food systems in the house has made me better at thinking of things in terms of data.  And tracking data in pretty colors helps me untangle things, and feel at least like an informed onlooker if not more in control.  Like how understanding baseball makes it infinitely more interesting.

I do wish I could track more of the girls' symptoms more meticulously, but I haven't the energy.  Today absolutely kicked my butt and we did some school, I got some pills made, and made some food.  If I can swing it, I need to make more pills and do more food.  Oh, but I want to make charts.  Maybe I'll just make one chart to track Sasha's puke number and tape it up in the bathroom, where it will be easily accessible.  Hm, I'll have to hide it under a drawing or something...Oooh, a volcano picture?